*SPOILER ALERT* The ending of Flight does come up in conversation here but don't worry, it won't spoil the movie for you.

Ahead of the release of Paramount's latest offering - Flight (not a movie you want to watch before boarding an airplane) - I had the rare chance of hopping across the Irish sea for a one on one with a man I've grown up watching on the big screen, a man who has served to show others how it's done in everything from Malcom X to Training Day to Tony Scott's Man on Fire. Yes, I'm talking about Denzel Washington. And apologies to my mother, who I tried but failed to squeeze into my hand luggage. Better luck next time, mammy. 

An actor who has remained consistently at the top of his game since first bursting on to the scene almost thirty years ago, Denzel is one of those rare beasts who'll always put bums on seats, regardless of what the movie actually is. To shake his hand was an honour in itself. Anyhoo, I sat down with the man himself to discuss the moral ambiguity with which Flight is charged, the secret to his career longevity and how life changed after winning that first gong back in 1989. I also accidentally made him out to be old. Oops.

We'll have interviews with Flight director Robert Zemeckis (no big deal) and the beautiful Kelly Reilly who stars as Washington's romantic lead live on site on Monday