Oh Hugh Jackman; that's all I've got to say. Ever since meeting Hugh (yea, we're on first name terms) for Real Steel last September, I've been unrequitedly in love with him. I realised this when (after having already met him) I jumped up and down like a flea outside a theatre off Time Square in NYC to catch a glimpse of him as he signed autographs for fans. One of the things I had the pleasure of speaking with Hugh about, was his much anticipated forthcoming film adaptation of Les Miserables, the musical which will also star Anne Hathaway.

Anyway, rather than regaling you with my Hugh Jackman themed tales, we can let him do the talking. In a video released by Universal Pictures, here he is, along with director Tom Hopper, Miss Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfreid chatting about the unique approach with which they filmed this coveted musical. He sings here too; you're welcome. Les Miserables hits Irish cinemas on January 13th, 2013.