Paul Verhoeven is downright batshit, this we all know; but he's also regarded in some quarters as being somewhat of a genius. Granted, the man likes his naked women and ultra-violent, almost cartoonish action; but he's got smarts to go with the perviness, and hell, we like him. After his last film Black Book wowed arthouse crowds and bush loving folk everywhere, he's decided to hit the naked broad market again. According to Variety he's attached himself to a Wendy Miller thriller for Relativity Media that will apparently be "a cross between Risky Business and Fatal Attraction". That should really see Tom Cruise being chased around in his underwear by an obsessed hooker with a kitchen knife, but probably won't. Verhoeven had previously signed on to direct a Thomas Crown Affair sequel with Pierce Brosnan and Angelina Jolie, but we haven't heard anything about it in months. The producers are probably waiting on Jolie to finish saving the world already.