J. J. Abrams and crew have been running a very tight-lipped ship on set when it comes to spoilers and leaking information, but in a recent spread with Vanity Fair, some information about the new movie finally came out. 

A piece based around the photography of Annie Leibovitz, who has been more or less the official photographer of the franchise for a long time now, it focuses on several of the actors who will be appearing in the new movie, which is released in December of this year. 

Andy Serkis is one of those featured, and in the course of the interview it was revealed that he will be playing a character called Supreme Leader Snoke, and that he will once again be donning a spandex suit for motion capture purposes...no big lunches for him on set, so. 

Other photos looked at Lupita Nyong'o who will play a computer generated intergalactic pirate named Maz Kanata, as well as Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phantasma. The cover of the next issue of the famous magazine features the spread, while you can get a look at plenty more images from the shoot over on their site

Pic via Star Wars

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