According to Collider online, EFish Entertainment has reportedly contracted Val Kilmer, veterans Ving Rhames and Luke Goss, and newcomer Rebecca Da Costa to star in an independent thriller called Seven Below. Variety published the logline for the movie which states thtat the "story centers on a group of strangers brought together when a terrible storm leaves them stranded in a house in the woods where a terrible event transpired exactly 100 years prior. The group seems trapped in a ghostly time warp, and history is repeating itself." If only history would repeat itself and Kilmer would go back his more attractive former self. Remember him in The Saint? Yummy. Anyhoo, Kevin Carraway will direct this edge of your seat film that's based on a script he co-wrote with Lawrence Smith.Warren Ostergard, Brianna, Lee Johnson, and Eric Mark Fisher who's the man behing EFish Entertainment are producing. As explained by Variety, it was all set to kick of earlier this year down in New Mexico however due to a problem with state tax credits, they're now going to be filming in Cincinnati next month yall. 

Caroline Foran