Good luck with that, folks.

The US government has officially called on North Korea to compensate Sony Pictures for the damage it caused following its hacking of their computer systems.

The damages, which are expected to surpass $100 million, have left the studio reeling and caused it to pull some of its productions.

Meanwhile, the ever-growing "will they, won't they" of The Interview's release rolls on as some studio sources believe the film will be distributed on Sony's VOD service Crackle.

No official confirmation has come from Sony as of yet.

One congressman, Democrat Brad Sherman of California has offered to screen The Interview on Capitol Hill, saying that it will "will demonstrate the U.S. Congress’s support of the freedom of speech."

North Korea, meanwhile, has vowed to launch an assault on the US mainland if they retaliate against them for Sony Hack.

This was met with the diplomatic equivalent of a pat on the head and an encouraging thumbs up, as US State Department sources said there was no "credible threat information that lends credence."


via Deadline