In a short, one-sentence statement, Universal and Illumination confirmed that Louis CK will now no longer be involved in The Secret Life Of Pets 2.

The sequel to the 2016 animated comedy is slated to open on June 7th, 2019 and it's likely that production is already underway for the film, however CK's character will now either be recast or removed from the film entirely.

The statement, which was issued on Friday, admittedly went under the radar as both HBO and FX - of which he had a far more public relationship with - severed all ties with the embattled comedian following revelations of sexual misconduct against five separate women.

While it's not precisely known how much compensation CK received for The Secret Life Of Pets, animated comedies are often extremely lucrative for actors as they require little preparation or physical work, instead either relying on the star's own drawing power or unique characteristic and personality to supplement the film's attractions.

CK has released no further statements since he confirmed the truth of the allegations against him yesterday.


Via Variety