In an explosive interview with the New York Times, Uma Thurman has spoken on the record for the first time about Harvey Weinstein.

Thurman explained to Maureen Dowd that Weinstein wasn't the first person to take advantage of her, but was by far the most well-known. According to Thurman, an unnamed actor allegedly assaulted her when she was 16, the actor being twenty years older than her.

Thurman details the first assault by Weinstein as taking place in the Savoy Hotel in London, and that Weinstein sent flowers to a friend's house the next day and asked to meet her to apologise. Thurman only went to visit Weinstein when her friend went with her, who described Thurman after the meeting as "shaking", and "totally out of control."

Per Dowd's reporting,  Thurman's friend, Illona Herman, "said that when the actress was able to talk again, she revealed that Weinstein had threatened to derail her career."

Weinstein has denied the allegations of assault, but argued that he made "an awkward pass 25 years ago at Ms. Thurman in England after misreading her signals, after a flirtatious exchange in Paris, for which he immediately apologized and deeply regrets."

You can read the full interview here.


Via New York Times