We're eventually going to hit peak remakes pretty soon.

It seems like there is quite literally NOTHING sacred when it comes to remakes. At this stage, if we heard there was a Casablanca remake, we'd just shrug and move on.

Anyway. There's a remake of Don't Look Now in the works. Yeah, that's where we are.

Guess who's producing it? The people who did Non-Stop. That's right - the forgettable Liam Neeson thriller where he was in an aeroplane.

The 1973 classic, which is considered to be one of the best horror movies ever made, starred Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie and featured one of the most memorable endings in cinema history.

No casting or directors have been announced as of yet, but we live in sheer terror of what will be unleashed.

Look, we're not being snobs here, but there are definitely some films that just do not need to be remade. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Gone With The Wind. Any of Alfred Hitchcock's work  - even though he technically remade his own films. 

We get that there's a viewing public that, for whatever reason, seem to turn out for remakes and so forth, but Don't Look Now has a place in our hearts.

The behind-the-scenes stories, all of the beautiful cinematography and editing, Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie's performances, everything.

Why? WHY.


Via THR.com