Warner Bros. have finally settled on a director for their new big screen version of classic TV show, The Twilight Zone. The very talented director of Cloverfield and the more recent Let Me In, Matt Reeves will take the helm according to Variety.

Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay were both being linked with the film, which the studio is apparently planning on putting a sizeable budget behind. This version will not be a series of shorts like the Steven Spielberg produced effort in the 80s, but rather a single narrative feature with a script written by Rand Ravich (who was behind the much loved, but short lived show Life) and Jason Rothenberg.

Leonardo DiCaprio is producing the film, but it's thus far unclear whether or not the superstar will actually appear in the production. He has a lot of projects lined up waiting for a go. Still, Reeves is a great choice - Let Me In is a really underrated horror.