Catherine Hardwicke is to follow up directing smash hit book adaptation Twilight, by helming another tween-tinted story. Hardwicke has been hired by former Marvel head-honcho Avi Arad to direct Maximum Ride, based on the series of books from James Patterson, about six teenagers who were genetically altered to be part bird, and part human, thus were known as The Flock - why the book isn't called that, god only knows. The film is to be penned by Don Payne, who has written some fantastic episodes of The Simpsons, but also My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Hardwicke's direction of the action in Twilight was easily the worst thing about that film, but she did a solid job with the whimsically forbidden romance of it all. Let hope this has more longing character interaction, and less swopping steadicam shots around simple dialogue scenes - she is not Tony Scott.