Rifling through Pierce Brosnan's Instagram, or any time he's on a late night talk show couch, it's hard to rectify the desperately charming, abundantly affable man with the bloodthirsty British agent he played over four movies.

A study by Betway Casino on the numbers involved in the Bond franchise has found that out of the 405 villains killed on screen during a Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan was responsible for a significant proportion of them. The study found that in 1995's 'GoldenEye', Brosnan's Bond killed 45 people on screen, compared to Timothy Dalton's measly 10 in 'Licence To Kill'.

'Tomorrow Never Dies' saw Brosnan off 35 people - including noted thespian Jonathan Pryce with a giant torpedo - and a further 27 people in 'The World Is Not Enough'. His final movie, 'Die Another Day', saw him off 31 people and pretty much cause the entire franchise to be rebooted with Daniel Craig and 'Casino Royale'.

Interestingly, 'Casino Royale' only had 11 on-screen deaths whilst 'Quantum Of Solace' had only 16. 'Skyfall', however, noted a significant uptick in bad guys getting killed with a further 26 deaths whilst 'Spectre' topped out Craig's run so far with 27.

So, when you tot the numbers up, Pierce Brosnan's Bond has managed to wipe out a total of 138 bad guys across four movies, averaging out at 34.5 bad guys per movie. 

You can read the full study here.