We've been dying to hear more on the Tupac Shakur biopic. What's most exciting about it is that it'll be helmed by Training Day's director Antoine Fuqua. (Training Day starred Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke).

The project was initially announced back in 2010. Speaking to Digital Spy, Fuqua revealed that what he wanted was for a relatively unknown actor to take on the titular role. Has he found one? Well no, not yet. Not that we know of anyway. This movie pretty much went off our radar what with very little information surfacing over the last few years. Now though, it looks like things will start to move. What we do know is that Fuqua is now awaiting the final edits on the script so that filming can begin.

Speaking to The Playlist, Fuqua said: "It was announced too soon. I have a deal for Tupac, but the script is not there yet, and it's being worked on. Somehow someone started talking about it, it got out there and went crazy, but it was always a situation of 'let's make sure we have a great script, and get it right'."

As for what the film will focus on? "The last few days, that trip from LA to Vegas, and where his head was during that journey."