There were a few missing pieces that likely cost HBO when True Detective moved onto a second season. Obviously Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson - but it was moving to a new story, so no one expected them to come back.

Cary Fukunaga was the clearest factor in terms of a creative shift; Nic Pizzolatto's indulgence a little too plain to see and costing the show, which, despite the addition of some talented directors, didn't click as well as the first season. Colin Farrell's work would surely have been an awards contender had the show been generally better received. Alas, the director and creator didn't get on and the rest is history. 

Fukunaga helmed Beasts of No Nation and will oversee and direct the new Emma Stone/Jonah Hill collaboration 'Maniac'. But he's also working on another intriguing sounding feature, 'Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima' based on the novel of the same name.

According to THR it follows the three weeks leading up to the dropping of Little Boy, the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima; apparently through the eyes of scientists, pilots and victims.

'Drive' writer Hossein Amini has penned the script.