Transformers: Dark of the Moon was expected to gross at least $38 million yesterday in its first full day of play at the domestic box office, giving it the best opening-day gross of 2011. It will then knock Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides off the top spot which debuted to $34.8 million earlier this year. While Dark of the Moon is still on track to achieve this, it appears that the third in the series is in fact pacing behind the last film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, so far, Dark of the Moon is doing better than the first Transformers, but falling behind the second, which grossed $62 million in its first day back in 2009.

Paramount who produced Transformers 3, are allegedly prepared for Dark of the Moon come in behind Revenge of the Fallen, which grossed in and around $200 million in its first five days but they hope that this installment will gross at least $155 million to $170 million through July 4th. Costing more than $300 million to produce, it's expect that it will earn back that sum and ultimately rake in about $836.3 million dollars. Not a bad return really!

Caroline Foran