Happy 4th of July yall. Stateside it's a big time for patriotism with parties, barbeques and fireworks galore. However it's not Uncle Sam that the movie makers and shakers of Hollywood will be celebrating, it's the money they make on one of the biggest weekends of the year at the box office. Breaking the previous Fourth of July record held by Spiderman 2 since 2004 is Michael Bay's Transformers Dark of the Moon. Not surprising for your typical save-the-world summer blockbuster.

Reported by Collider, despite trailing its predecessor (Revenge of the Fallen) in grosses and attendance over its first five days here in the US, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is already a huge international hit projected to take in more than $370 million by the end of today. On US turf, the film broke the record for the three day Fourth of July frame and is expected by tomorrow to hold the four day record as well. A great day for Michael Bay.

The third installment of Bay's franchise comes in first ahead of Cars 2, Bad Teacher, Larry Crowne and Monte Carlo, in that order for the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend.

Caroline Foran