The fourth Transformers film is to introduce a new cast of characters in a bid to boost toy sales it has been reported.

The movie which will be directed by Michael Bay, who recently has confirmed this is his last sequel, will centre on new characters a move which help boost more toy sales. Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner spoke out blaming the decrease in transformer toy sales on the fact fans already own their favourite robot characters and said 'This is why Transformers 4 will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters.'

Transformers 4 will also have a smaller budget then previous instalments a considerable 30 million less then the last movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon which has been the most popular of the Transformer movies.

Michael Bay has revealed the next film will take a new direction aswell as the debuting of new characters it might not take place on planet Earth 'I want to go a little off but I don't want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded' said Bay. This will also be the first Transformers with Shia LeBoeuf who declined the film. Speaking to LA times recently Le Boeuf said about the decision 'When you're a racehorse and you've got 20 trainers, all the trainers want the racehorse to run a certain way,'...I've been running for a team of people for a long time and I don't take any of it back. ... I've learned a great deal about a certain type of filmmaking. But I have ambitions toward another type of filmmaking that I haven't been allowed to engage in yet.'  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who starred in the last Transformers has also confirmed she won't be reprising her role.

Transformers 4 is set for release on the 29th June 2014.