‘Rub & Tug’, an upcoming biopic based on Dante ‘Tex’ Gill, continues to stir controversy over the casting of Scarlett Johansson in the leading transgender role.

As reported yesterday, the film follows Tex as he becomes a crime kingpin of 1970s Pittsburgh while transitioning from female to male. Gill carried out his criminal activities by operating massage parlours that served as fronts for prostitution.

The movie is being directed by Rupert Sanders, who previously worked with Johansson on ‘Ghost in the Shell’. The sci fi remake also faced a backlash for ‘whitewashing’ its leading Asian character.

A number of tweeters took to the social media platform to express their annoyance and disgust at the casting and now they are joined by two of the most high profile transgender actresses working today.

Trace Lysette, who plays Shea on the Jeffrey Tambor-starring series ‘Transparent’, was deeply frustrated by not only the casting of a non-trans actor in the role, but also by the hypocrisy that while cisgender actors are given the chance to play transgender characters, the reverse does not apply.

Actress and model Jamie Clayton, best-known for her role in the Netflix series ‘Sense8’, expressed likewise.

You can see their tweets below.