The trailer has dropped for 'Uncut Gems', starring Adam Sandler.

The movie reportedly showcases Adam Sandler's best performance in years. It co-stars Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Kevin Garrett, Julia Fox, and Eric Bogosian.

The Safdie Brothers direct. Their last feature was 'Good Time', which was major in hailing a comeback for Robert Pattinson.

Interestingly, Pattinson's next movie, 'The Lighthouse' with Willem Dafoe, is like 'Uncut Gems' being distributed by A24, who've been behind such modern classics as 'Lady Bird', 'Moonlight', 'The Witch' and 'Midsommar'.

The film sees Sandler play a jewellery shop owner who faces mounting pressure from the criminal world after becoming embroiled in some dodgy gambling.

It's gotten good reviews so far off the back of TIFF and Telluride.

'Uncut Gems' is scheduled to hit US cinemas this December but the Irish release date is yet to be confirmed.