Let's Be Cops green band trailer, starring New Girls' Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr (Nick and Coach) , landed online today. This comedy follows two friends who dress up for a costume party as police officers but soon become the talk of the town as they get caught up in a world of mobsters and corrupt police. This is a bit of a no brainer but if you are a fan of the guys in New Girl it might be one to check out.

Up next we have the rather gruesome [REC] 4: Apocalypse. The latest film in the franchise catches up with Angela Vidal, who is on an oil tanker in the middle of the ocean. And she's not the only one aboard it seems. Look away now if you are of a nervous disposition.

Keeping with the horror theme the first trailer was released  for As Above, So Below. Starring Mad Men's Ben Feldman,  Perdita Weeks and Edwin Hodge As Above, So Below follows a team of archaeologists who head below the streets of Paris to the catacombs looking to discover something new. Built in 1975 the catacombs are 200 miles of tunnels and are the world's biggest mass grave. The gang get trapped and, well, that's where the fun starts... you can check out the trailer below.