A beautifully composed and magnificently performed story about one young woman’s nine-month trek across the Australian desert, Tracks is a rewarding and memorable film built around a mesmerising performance by Mia Wasikowska as a would-be lone explorer with no other reason for her journey expect that it is there to be done and that she wants to be alone. She does, however, meet kind and supportive people on her trip, the most charismatic being Aboriginal ‘old fella’ Eddy (a wonderfully funny and sensitive Rolley Mintuma) who helps see her through sacred desert areas.

Director John Curran uses titles to note how many days and miles pass on Robyn’s journey, which also helps reflect the subtle changes in the landscape and also the episodic nature of the journey. The stunning scenery is enhanced by judicious use of overhead shots, while cinematographer Mandy Walker does a spectacular job in conveying the stark beauty as well as inherent danger in the country.

Mia Wasikowska delivers some of her best work here. The Australian actress is perfectly cast, bringing a brittle and determined charm to her character, a gentle soul who relishes her own company but has issues of her own to deal with. It is a terrific performance.

Mark Adams
Screen International

‘achingly beautiful’
The Telegraph

‘probably the best film of its kind since Sean Penn’s Into the Wild’
The Hollywood Reporter