In rather disappointing movie news this morning, it seems there may not be a Toy Story 4 film from the folk at Pixar. Disappointing though it may seem, it's also worth considering that some times, these things are better left on a high; no point exhausting the storyline for the sake of a few shillings. A smart move by Disney to preserve the magic of movies 1 through 3, perhaps.

But where did such rumours come from? Well, apparently the gossip mills began turning after an executive from a Columbian radio station tweeted that Toy Story 4 had been given a release date for some time in 2015. As for who believes what Columbian radio stations come out with, I've no idea.

Camp Disney have since made it their business to correct this information and find the source of the release date info, telling BuzzFeed that 'nothing official' has been announced.

Meanwhile, Disney ad Pixar are hard at work on finishing the much anticipated Monsters University, the prequel to 2001's Monsters, Inc which we can expect to see on July 12th.

Would you like to see a fourth installment in the Toy Story franchise?