When this pandemic is eventually over, and have a few years have passed, it seems all but certain that a HBO / 'Chernobyl'-style miniseries is going to happen about how the US under Donald Trump completely and utterly bungled the handling of it.

Now that Donald Trump himself has coronavirus, with over 7 million people infected and 209,000 people dead from it in the US alone, the timing of 'Totally Under Control' couldn't be more apt.

Alex Gibney, who previously directed 'Going Clear' on Scientology, 'No Stone Unturned' on the Loughinisland massacre of 1994, 'The Armstrong Lie' about how Lance Armstrong's doping scandal, filmed the documentary movie in secrecy for the past five months.

As detailed in the trailer, Gibney spoke to medical scientists, doctors, government officials, and experts tasked with managing the pandemic - and finds out why they were all completely ignored by the Trump administration.

As you'll see in the trailer, none of them hold back. One interview spells it out plain and simple after a clip of Trump saying that COVID-19 will go away by itself. "It's complete bullshit," he says. "He has no idea what he's talking about."

'Totally Under Control' arrives on demand from October 13th.