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Much like a good film, one of the best things about Deliveroo is the variety of options out there. With that, we've decided to list out a couple of munch and movie combos you could try out for your next night in.


Italian Food: Sano Pizza

Movie: 'The Godfather'

Oh, you’ve already seen 'The Godfather'...? Well, please, allow me to amend this list. We never meant to-- SHUT UP AND WATCH IT AGAIN! Alright? Okay, there’s little or no pizza in it. Okay, the Corleone’s were actually from Sicily. But a Deliveroo takeaway is about whisking you away to a new world of food happiness, and if you want a film to watch with a big authentic pizza, it’s 'The Godfather'.

Sano Pizza is a class place off Dame Street that does authentic Neapolitan pizza where the sourdough has been fermented for at least 48 hours. They’re then stretched by hand, and cooked at 500°c in the ovens they’ve had shipped in from Naples.

Notable alternatives with really good pizza scenes:  'Spider-Man 2', 'Along Came Polly', 'Wayne’s World', 'Home Alone', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'Eat, Pray, Love' also has a scene where Julia Roberts absolutely minces into a Neapolitan pizza.


Indian Food: Kerala Kitchen

Movie: 'The Lunchbox'

'The Lunchbox' is a fantastic Indian movie about a widowed man in Mumbai who gets the wrong lunch box delivered to his desk, and once he and the woman who mistakenly sent it to him start exchanging notes it sparks up an unusual friendship. This movie is a masterful rom-com, and will make you crave something from Kerala Kitchen's fantastic menu.

Alternatively: A special mention must also go out to ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ about an Indian family who move to southern France and start up their own Indian across the road from a Michelin-starred restaurant run by a fantastically pompous Helen Mirren. The food shown in it will make you cry for a curry.


Irish Food: Sprout

Movie: 'The Van'

We’re not exactly renowned for our cuisine here in Ireland. For most of our parents, it was all about unseasoned spud mash and soft overcooked broccoli, but things are changing. Sprout have their own farm just 30 kilometres away in Kildare from which they source their ingredients, and you can tell. That's far removed from a chipper van, but that doesn't stop 'The Van' from being one of the most iconic Irish-themed food movies out there.

Alternatives: We’d love to list some alternative movies like 'Intermission', but there are no Irish restaurants yet delivering tea with added HP sauce.


Japanese Food: Musashi

Movie: 'Spirited Away'

'Spirited Away' is gorgeous. The animations in it are so intricate and full of sumptuous detail that you'll get something out of it whether you're watching it for the first or tenth time. That goes for the food too, which is drawn with so much love and attention that you'll be absolutely salivating.

Musashi delivers delicious sushi and noodles straight to your door, and they're similarly the real deal. Tuna, salmon, squid, delicious thick rice - it's all there.

Despite coming out in 2001, it's still the most successful movie in Japanese history, and with good reason. Check it out.

Notable alternatives: 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi', 'Isle of Dogs'


Mexican Food: Boojum

Movie: 'Coco'

For something that is Mexican-themed and enjoyed by all, you can't go wrong with the double whammy that is Boojum and 'Coco'. One is beloved by all ...and the other is a movie. A really good movie at that. It's all about the importance of family and remembering those you love, and we can guarantee you'll be bawling into your guacamole. Much like boojum, the movie is also really authentic and respectful to it's Mexican roots.

Notable alternatives: 'Frida', 'Tortilla Soup', 'Like Water For Chocolate'


If you fancy munching into some delicious food while you're watching all of the above, Deliveroo has whatever you want, where you want it, when you want it.