Despite the tragic passing of original director Tony Scott, Paramount are looking to move forward with a sequel to Top Gun.

According to THR, the film has hired a new writer after The Town scribe Peter Craig handed in a draft a couple of years ago. Writer of the Jon Favreau/Bill Murray Jungle Book movie, Justin Marks, will pen the new version.

While we don't have a clue about a plot yet (c'mon, like it mattered with the first film), Tom Cruise will return as Maverick in the blockbuster sequel. The loose cannon, with an untapped sensitive side. 

Expect a younger star to be named opposite Cruise; it worked well for the fourth Mission Impossible when Jeremy Renner joined the cast and would make sense if Maverick was now a teacher in Top Gun Academy, that he have a younger student to train. 

Someone call Dan Stevens. He'd be deadly as a new Iceman. Sorry, Val.