This weekend sees the release of new animated film Epic, but don't let the name fool you! This is action and adventure on a miniature scale, with characters voiced by the likes of Colin Farrell, Beyonce and Pitbull (yes, Cuban rapper Pitbull!) only visible with the help of some mighty strong microscopes.

So we've compiled a list of our favourite miniature movies for you to enjoy and possibly hunt down and re-watch! Just remember to bring the magnifying glass!

A family of four inch people live within the walls and under the floor boards of a run-down old house, but when the old man who used to live their days, an evil developer (John Goodman) wants to knock it down to build a batch of apartments, they fight him off with the help of his son. A cute little movie, featuring the first movie appearance of Tom Felton, who would go on to become Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.

When a diplomat is nearly assassinated, scientists decide that the only way to save him is to shrink down a submarine and its crew and inject it and them into the diplomat's blood-stream. As you do. An incredibly fun – and dumb – sci-fi adventure movie, probably best remembered for Raquel Welch's skimpy, and ever skimpy-ing, outfits.

When their rainforest comes under attack by an automated tree-logging machine, not to mention the evil sentient pollution monster Hexxus controlling it, the fairies assigned to protect it shrink a human down to their size to come up with a plan to stop it. Yes, it sounds vaguely like Avatar. One of those over-looked gems, featuring voice-work from a vocally tireless Robin Williams as a lab-tested bat and Tim Curry camping it up as the evil smog, this is one to dig out and stick on for the kids today.

Dennis Quaid plays the first man to be minituarized, but when some bad guys try to steal the technology, he accidentally gets injected into a hapless store clerk played by Martin Short. Initially thinking he's hearing voices, he soon realises that his life is in danger if he can't return the mini-man back to the scientists who can make him big again. Very funny, with some great duo-chemistry between the two leads and their shared love interest Meg Ryan.

Rick Moranis is the genius inventor who has created a miniaturizing machine in his attic. But his two teenage kids, and their two frenemies from next door, accidentally turn it on, get shrunk, and put out with the trash. So the four kids must trek across the infinite dangers of their own back yard and get un-shrunk before it's too late. The ultimate kids flick, but prepare for tears over the fate of Anty!