We're looking back on the best performances of Ryan Reynolds.

Originally known for his work on sitcom 'Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place', Reynolds parlayed his easy charm into comedies such as' Van Wilder: Party Liaison', 'Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle' and 'Waiting'. While most of his most recognisable film roles have come from comedy, he's starred in a number of dramatic roles that demonstrate a much broader range than he's given credit for.

Here's our pick of his five best scenes.


5. 'ADVENTURELAND' - "She's a little dramatic, my mom..."

As previously mentioned, one thing that Ryan Reynolds doesn't get nearly enough credit for is his range and 'Adventureland' is one example of that. Playing handsome jock repairman Mike in the crappy, rundown Adventureland theme park, he acts as a sort of sounding board to Jesse Eisenberg's character - but also has his own dilemmas and arc. Not only that, his cool and collected demeanour belies someone who's ultimately kind of pathetic - and has to lie to college students in order to feel validated. This scene is key, as it shows him trying to convince Eisenberg's character that he jammed with Lou Reed - yet doesn't even recognise 'Satellite Of Love'.



'The Voices' is a definite example of a marmite movie. Some people enjoyed its brilliantly quirky premise and the stunt-casting of Ryan Reynolds as an amiable shop clerk who hides a dark secret. Others found the nature of its comedy utterly repulsive. Either way, it cannot be denied that Ryan Reynolds didn't give it his all in this. Never mind the fact that he voices numerous characters, the layered performance he gives works in both his easy charisma with some much more sinister and violent underneath - yet all with a vulnerability that it's inescapable.


3. 'DEADPOOL' - "That's not good."

'Deadpool' is, far and away, Marvel's funniest movie to date. Yes, funnier than 'Guardians of the Galaxy' or 'Thor Ragnarok'. No, it's not just because it's afraid to curse or even because it has gratuitous violence. It's because it leans into these things just enough for it to make sense. Deadpool, as a character, was always cartoonish in the traditional sense of the word and it doesn't get any more cartoonish than this scene. Cogged straight from 'Monty Python's The Holy Grail' - the Black Knight scene, specifically - it's just one example of Ryan Reynolds nailing Deadpool and the tone to a tee. No wonder he fought so hard for the film to be made - nobody else could do it better than him.


2. 'JUST FRIENDS' - "It's like the deep South Pole, if there is one. There isn't."

'Just Friends' might be dismissed as just another rom-com in Ryan Reynolds' filmography, but there's just a teetering darkness underneath that makes it the comedy all the more potent. Ryan Reynolds' character, from the very get-go, is shown as this pathetic creature who has to drop weight and become a hunk into order to feel good about himself and is so expectant of women's attention that it becomes toxic for him. Not only that, you've got Anna Faris in one of her finest comedic roles as the spoiled singer who's out to cause chaos and, of course, Reynolds easily flicking between slick womaniser and nebbish dweeb who just can't help himself. This scene, in particular, just showcases the ease with which he can switch back and forth between the two.


1. BURIED - "I never should have come here..."

It's hard to pick out one particular scene from 'Buried' as the film is literally Ryan Reynolds in a coffin for 95 minutes, begging for his life on a mobile phone. The Hitchcockian setting aside, Reynolds gave a career-best performance throughout and displayed the incredible range he has - going from cocksure and feeling almost inconvenienced to outright panic and terror in the space of time. It takes a real screen presence and a personality to be able to command an audience's attention, in one setting, for that length of time and Reynolds manages to do so. The final scene, however, is incredible - and probably is the reason why the film has become somewhat underrated in the process. If you haven't seen the film, don't watch the video - go out and watch the entire film because it's worth your time.