Movie bosses are a feature of almost every film, some good, some horrible. With Horrible Bosses 2 hitting the cinemas this weekend, we thought we'd take a look at some truly horrible bosses in movies.


5. AL CAPONE - "The Untouchables"

Robert DeNiro's portrayal of mobster kingpin Al Capone goes down as both one of the best gangster performances and one of the most memorable death scenes in history. DeNiro's Capone was tough and brazen, barking orders at everyone underneath him and not using a baseball correctly. How does he not use a baseball correctly, you're asking? Like this.


4. GORDON GEKKO - "Wall Street"

When your boss is called _____ The Great, you know you're going to have an ego problem. Michael Douglas' Oscar-winning performance as corporate raider Gordon Gekko may have become a poster-boy for stockbrokers, but he really wasn't all that nice a guy. He basically threw Charlie Sheen under the bus to save his own hide AND he had 80's Hair. EIGHTIES HAIR. That's the real crime here.



3. ROBOCOP - "Dick Jones"

When you're the boss of multinational conglomerate that makes everything from weapons to robots to TVs, you're going to need to protect your own interests, right? So what does Dick Jones do? He comes up with ED-209, a gigantic-ass robot that's fond of countdowns and shoulder-mounted machine guns. Because every horrible boss needs a talking war machine to sort out their day-to-day stuff while they're out strategising some face time and touching bases. It's like having a PA - except the PA is a homicidal maniac.



2. BILL LUMBERGH - "Office Space"

Yeah, if you could just go ahead and read this in my voice, that would be great. OK? Thanks a bunch.


1. DARTH VADER - "The Empire Strikes Back"

When you're an intergalactic warlord with health issues like breathing and having your legs replaced with cybernetic implants, politeness and general niceties aren't exactly high on your priorities. After all, you're the boss. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone and if somebody messes up, you're able to choke them with your mind powers. Done, dusted. Promote the next guy and kill him when he messes up too.