Now, just to be clear, these aren't necessarily movies that we're telling you to watch ON Halloween, but just our five favourite movies that take place during Halloween itself. The scary, haunted night always seems to be much more craic in the movies: the costumes are more intricate, the trick or treat candy is better, the serial killers are more numerous and inventive… Okay, so maybe that last one isn't such a great thing.

There are countless (well, not COUNTLESS, but too many for us to want to count) horror movies set on Halloween, but most of them are frankly kind of awful. Anyways, on with the good ones!


On Halloween in the year 1693, three witches played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, are hanged for being, well, witches. Three hundred years later, a little black magic later and they are brought back from the dead, and plan on causing a lot of mischief. Despite not being a particularly good film, it's got an absolutely MASSIVE cult following, pretty much making it the warted nose version of Showgirls.


The hot-at-the-time Lindsay Lohan gets introduced to a popular girl's version of Halloween, which pretty much amounts to wearing as little as possible, with random animal items attached, and going to a killer party. Of course she gets it all wrong, dressing up as the smart but not sexy "Ex-Wife", frightening some poor derp off the balcony. "That's a scary costume, bro."


A very heavy, emotionally and mentally taxing story to do with love, death, destiny… all that light-hearted stuff. But most of the action takes place on the night when Donnie (Jake Gylenhaal) throws a Halloween party for his sister who has just been accepted into Harvard. People are dressing up, but who's that guy Frank, in the rabbit costume…?


Where does ET want to call? Home. But how can he do that in a house filled with people who would most likely freak out at the sight of an alien? Well, Elliott and his older brother dress him up in a sheet on Halloween so they can successfully sneak him out of the house, and get him to somewhere where he can make his phone call in peace. But first, a photo!