Zombies are EVERYWHERE right now… They're on TV with The Walking Dead, they're on video games consoles with Resident Evil, they're… right behind you! Made you look?

Of course, they're all over cinemas lately too, with upcoming Brad Pitt blockbuster World War Z taking the zombie genre out of the cheap'n'nasty section and pumping it up with a mega-star and an even more mega-budget. In light of this, we've decided to rack our braaaaaaaains and come up with our favourite ten zombie movies of all time. P.S., we cheated a little bit.

28 DAYS LATER (2002) / 28 WEEKS LATER (2007)

Purists will tell you that these aren't proper zombies, and to those purists we say shut the hell up. Zombies (deal with it!) have pretty much taken of all of Great Britain, and Cillian Murphy wakes up from his coma to this vision of hell on Earth. Five years later, we see the zombie apocalypse has been almost defeated, until Robert Carlyle's past comes back to haunt him in the guise of his infected wife.

Before he became the king of the epics with the likes of King Kong and The Lord Of The Rings, director Peter Jackson was best known for his splatterfests, with Braindead rightfully taking up the mantle of his craziest and his goriest. When a guy's mother gets bitten by a monkey, dies, comes back to life and begins eating his pets and neighbours, prepare to laugh and gag all at once.

Zombie master George A. Romero's best movie, and arguably the best zombie movie ever made. When a disparate group of survivors hole up in an abandoned shopping mall, trying to keep the undead horde at bay, we get a glimpse into the mind-set of a world trying to make sense of itself as it slowly falls apart. Plus a helicopter chops off some zombies heads, so it's not all doom and gloom.

The remake that nobody expected to be any good turned out to be very good indeed. Director Zak Snyder (300, Watchmen, Man Of Steel) brought Romero's vision rapidly up-to-date, including some rapid-speed zombies. No more expecting to simply out-run the shuffling corpses! This movie features a pre-Modern Family Ty Burrell playing a total a-hole, if you can imagine that! Watch trailer here.


Romero's first entry into the zombie genre, and roundly agreed to be the birthplace of the entire modern zombie canon, Night Of The Living Dead is where the end (of mankind) began. Still as creepy and scary as it ever was, the simplicity of the film - people who are being attacked by blood thirsty maniacs attempt to turn their every-day home into a stronghold - still manages to gets right into your subconscious.

Based on a story by HP Lovecraft - one of the true demented geniuses of modern horror - Re-Animator is not something to be taken too seriously. A loved-up couple are conducting experiments of re-animating tissue for their college course when a very odd student shows up in their lives, and things just get progressively weirder and weirder.

[REC] (2007) / [REC] 2 (2009)
Don't let the subtitles turn you off, these two Spanish films are two of the scariest and most intense horror films of recent years. A late night tv crew join a fire-engine for a night, get called to an apartment block, which promptly gets shut down and quarantined, as there appears to be something very wrong going on inside. The sequel takes the original and turns it inside out (in a good way), forcing you to re-evaluate everything you may or may not have seen in the original.

Zombie movies seem to be the best suited for comedic slants, and once again we find another zom-com on this list. The Return Of The Living Dead should be remembered for two things specifically: (1) It was the first zombie movie to introduce the "running zombies", before they all started sprinting like they do today, and (2) It's where the zombie line "BRRAAAAIIIINNNNSSS!" comes from!

The first part of director Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy", followed up by Hot Fuzz and the upcoming The World's End, Shaun Of The Dead was a zom-rom-com about Simon Pegg's Shaun, a man stuck in arrested development, who gets the boot up the arse he needs to save his dying relationship with his girlfriend when her life is threatened by a zombie onslaught. Endlessly rewatchable and quotable.

Ignore the recent TV spin-off (everyone else has), this hi-speed, hi-energy, hi-concept action/adventure/romantic/comedy/horror is where it's at! Jesse Eisenberg at his most jittery, Emma Stone at her most adorable, and Woody Harrelson at his most … Woody Harrelson-y. A misfit group looking for their family, an amusement park and some Twinkies, just make sure you don't forget Rule.31… Check the back seat!