Movies have given us countless visions of fantastic technology and gadgets we wish existed in real life. Heck, with the likes of Back to the Future’s hoverboard and driverless cars in Total Recall, they’ve even invented some of those technological apparatuses having been inspired by the movies.

To celebrate Coca-Cola Coke Mini Projector giveaway we've put together a host of these said gadgets. We’ve compiled a list from different movies over the years that we wish really existed for their practical, and not so practical, uses:

10. Paper laptop (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation)

In the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Benji Dunn (played by Simon Pegg) uses an opera program that transforms into a functioning, touchscreen laptop. Light in weight and easily transportable, this invention would be super handy for students and working adults:


9. Transporter (Star Trek)

The teleportation machine has been an inclusion in the Star Trek universe for years, and is adored by fans. Being transported in and out of the office would be pretty handy, and there’d be no more worries about rush hour traffic:


8. Flying cars (Blade Runner)

Well obviously being able to fly is only the coolest thing in the world. However, this one is further down on our lists as we’d imagine if flying cars actually existed there’d be chaos…


7. Pasiv dream machine (Inception)

It’s impossible to deny that everyone watching Inception was thinking, ‘Damn, if we could actually go into someone’s dreams, that would be pretty cool.’ Imagine how much more we could learn about the human condition and psyche if we could access dream world. Though mind you, the nightmares could be terrifying…


6. Neuraliser (Men in Black)

Obviously the ability to erase one’s memory could be mishandled, but it would also be the best if we could simply erase the memories of that one bad day or night out.


5. Universal remote control (Click)

It wasn’t Adam Sandler’s worst movie in recent years, and more to the point, the idea of a remote control that can bring you back in time and let you relive your favourite moments, pause your life and give you a moment to think about your next move, and fast forward through the bad times, is pretty amazing. If we could have, we would have just fast forwarded through this year, for example.


4. Med-Bay (Elysium)

Gadgets that provide medical advances are some of the most coveted, and in Elysium, the ‘Med-Bay’ consists of a bed with a rotating fluorescent lamp that has the ability to cure any ailment, from cancer to broken bones. Pretty amazing.


3. Iron man suit (Iron Man)

Iron Man’s high-tech suit of armour has loads of handy features that make us wish it was real. These include an ability to fly, strength-enhancement capabilities, and invulnerability to nearly every type of weapon.


2. Time machine (Back to the Future)

So this is the second time-travelling gadget we have in the countdown, but that’s because having the ability to travel through time would be awesome. And come on, would you rather click your way around time, or drive through it in a fricking DeLorean? That’s what we thought.


1. Lightsaber (Star Wars)

Dangerous, and even lethal? Yes, but if you had to arm yourself, the lightsaber is the ultimate weapon of choice. It can cut through metal (as well as people), and when not being used the glowing blade vanishes into an easily portable hilt. Plus they come in different colours and variations to reflect your personality. Neat.


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