Film Director Roman Polanski is Man Cave's inaugural Tool of the Week. Why is he that, you ask? Is it because he has an outstanding arrest warrant for raping a 13-year old girl in the 1970's? Yes. He is a SEX OFFENDER. Who got away with it. But, more recently at the Cannes Film Festival, he went on record as saying that the Contraceptive Pill had "masculinised women". Nice going, Bell-End. First off, "masculinised" isn't a word. OK, he's French-Polish or whatever and English isn't his first language, but that's no excuse. Secondly, that whole argument doesn't even make sense.

How exactly has the Pill levelled the sexes? It's a medical pill that allows women to have sex without fear of getting pregnant. It's freedom for women. Is that not a good thing? Gender equality is something that's a real problem in the modern world and it's ridiculous to think that anything that brings it forward is something bad. He went on to say that "the Pill has changed greatly the woman of our times." Of course it has, Polanski. It's allowed them to do whatever they want instead of chaining them to the idea that every time they want to have sex, there's a chance there'll be a kid in nine months. He goes on to say that "trying to level the genders is idiotic." Slow clap, Polanski. Slow f*cking clap.

It could be, however, that Polanski is simply talking out of his ass to get coverage for his film. Though resorting to that kind of sh*t is pathetic. He's been on record saying that he thinks the press are pretty much vultures, but saying something like this - and surprise, surprise, he has a film out - is pretty stupid. It's so painfully obvious that he's trying to court attention for his film by saying something controversial. You're probably reading this and thinking, "Hey, you're playing into his game." Have we mentioned the film's name yet? No. And we won't either. He may or may not even agree with what he's said, mind.

So to you, Roman Polanski, we award you with our Tool of the Week award. Swing by Dublin and we'll berate you about this in person.