The auteur behind the widely proclaimed 'worst movie ever' is threatening to sue an Australian Film Festival that plans to screen a documentary about the phenomenon surrounding the film's production and subsequent cult status.

Tommy Wiseau directed, produced and starred in The Room, one of the biggest box office flops in history. The film is so notoriously bad that it has gained cult following of fans that enjoy watching it because it's 'so bad, it's good'

A new documentary, Room Full of Spoons, documents the production of the film and interviews everyone that was involved in the making of the film with the exception of Wiseau. 

The film, which apparently reveals the true name and nationality of the mysterious Wiseau is set to screen at the Sydney Underground Film Festival but the 'filmmaker' is threatening legal action if the film goes ahead.

The festival's director, Stefan Popescu, told the Sydney Morning Herald that he's unfazed by the threat of legal action:  

"If we did pull the documentary, there would be a kind of irony to it as over the last 10 years we have taken pride in screening content that was seditious."

"Yet it will be the man with the reputation as the world's worst filmmaker that manages to censor our festival for the first time."

"I am not completely sure if Tommy Wiseau is bluffing or not," he continued. "So my strategy at this point is to engage his lawyer in writing me as many letters as possible, as I know each letter would cost him at least $500 a pop."

Via Mashable