With thanks to 'The Disaster Artist', we don't need to provide an explainer for who Tommy Wiseau is and what 'The Room' was about.

Since then, many have been wondering what exactly has the director-writer-producer of the world's most infamous movie been up to? There was 'Best F(r)iends', which saw him reunite with his co-star Greg Sestero.

Now, however, Wiseau is back behind the camera and "directing" again. 'Big Shark' tells the story of - you guessed it - a big shark attacking New Orleans, and three pals trying to survive the night.

Really, though, this trailer is... well, just see for yourself.

See, here's the problem with 'Big Shark'. Tommy Wiseau now knows how to make a terrible movie, and he's going to be lean into it.

The terrible special effects, the cheesy dialogue, it's all intentional now. What made 'The Room' so funny was that it was trying to be serious, and you can't really fake that. 'Big Shark', however? Who knows.

It could be just as hilarious as 'The Room', but it'll never be unintentionally hilarious the way 'The Room' was. God only knows if this is getting a cinema release here in Ireland.