Bookies have stopped taking bets on Tom Hiddleston becoming the next James Bond, and the official announcement seems to be getting ever closer with the news that Hiddleston is now in advanced negotiations to take up the role.

Sources close to the actor have confirmed that the negotiations are taking place, and Hiddleston himself has stated he would like the role.

Despite Jamie Bell throwing his name into the ring earlier this week, Hiddleston has long been the forerunner. He’s not a bad choice either; his work in this year’s High-Rise and The Night Manager showed what he could bring to the role. However, you'd have to admit that he is a conventional choice.

Anyone who hoped that the character of James Bond might be taken in a new direction, even transformed into a Jane Bond, will probably have to wait a few more years.

Either way, we hope that an announcement is made soon so we can stop speculating about casting and start rampantly speculating about the next Bond film.


Via Vulture