Tom Hardy news, anyone? Well this is a good'un. After it seemed as though most of you were a bit 'whatever' over his Elton John 'Rocketman' casting, this might get you excited for Hardy once again.

He's wanted for a Terminator role and not just any role, but the role of John Connor in the recently rejuvinated franchise which sees Alan Taylor at the helm.

This film marks the fifth of the Terminator movies and, making it all the more appetite whetting, is the confirmation that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return. He said he'd be back, and he damn well meant it. (He's been in all other films apart from 2009's offering, Terminator Salvation).

As for the role of Sarah Connor, well there's three women vying for that hot ticket. Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame, Brie Larson and Margot Robbie are all said to be screen tested by Taylor in the coming weeks.

Will they pale in comparison to the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton? We wait with bated breath.

Taylor's last outing was Thor: The Dark World, which, as explained in our 4 star review, impressed the sh*t out of us. It's fun, it's epic, it's dramatic and half way through your bucket of buttery popcorn you'll no doubt find yourself in blockbuster heaven. We'll expect the same level of awesomeness from Terminator 5.

No pressure so.