We're now 603 days out from Star Wars: Episode VIII and, so far, we know pretty much nothing.

The rumour about Cork's English Market being used as a filming location was a hoax, but we do know that Dubrovnik is being used as a filming location and, not only that, Ceann Sibeal is doubling for Skellig Michael and that the sets are currently being constructed there.

That's the Irish side out of the way, so let's talk about the wider production. Thanks to those press images released yesterday with Prince Harry and William on the set of Episode VIII, it's now been confirmed that the infamous A-Wing starfighters - those are the really fast ones last seen in Return of the Jedi - are making an appearance.

Speaking of appearances, one name that's cropped up amongst all the leaks, rumours and potential spoilers is one Tom Hardy.

Yes, that Tom Hardy.

You'll recall that Daniel Craig had a brief cameo in The Force Awakens as that stormtrooper who Rey convinces (via the Force) to let her go.  The understanding is that Hardy's role will be of a similar nature, with only a day's filming at best. The source on Hardy's casting is, admittedly, very tenuous and there's a decent chance that this may not even come to pass - or if it does, it won't be referenced or acknowledged until well after Episode VIII's release.

However, given The Force Awakens' ridiculous amount of cameos and the fact that Star Wars is a huge draw for just about anyone, there's a certain possibility. In other words, take this news - and anything other than completely, 100% confirmed news about Episode VIII - with a Starkiller Base-sized pinch of salt.


Via reddit.com/r/starwarsleaks