They’re three of the biggest names in Hollywood so this is super exciting stuff.

According to Deadline, Steven Spielberg is set to direct Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, two of the world’s most beloved actors, in The Post.

The film is a drama about the Washington Post’s role in exposing the Pentagon Papers (the infamous study about America's role in the Vietnam War) in 1971. It focusses on how the Post’s editor Ben Bradlee and publisher Kay Graham challenged the federal government over their right to publish them.

Hanks would play Bradlee while Streep would play Graham.

The movie may be at least in part inspired by the current US president’s opposition to the press, and is likely kicking off from the success of 2016 Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight, which is based on how the Boston Globe uncovered child molestation and cover-ups within the local Catholic Archdiocese.

Spielberg, Hanks and Streep boast a collective nine Oscar wins. The Post marks Hanks’ fourth collaboration with Spielberg but, extraordinarily, it marks the first time that Streep and Hanks will have shared the big screen.