Tom Cruise is about to rock your socks off in the musical, Rock of Ages, and whilst doing press for the Broadway adaptation, he's been waxing lyrical about the Top Gun sequel that is looking increasingly likely to happen.

Cruise has only ever made a sequel to Mission Impossible, but another Top Gun has been mooted for many many years - given how many people still love the original. Cruise told MTV, "We're working on it. We'll see what happens, if I can figure out the script and we get it. It would be fun getting into those jets. I want to get in those jets!" He's not joking; he loves a bit of danger does Tom Cruise - did ya see him hanging out of the side of that building in MI:4? Jaysis. Paramount Pictures have hired The Town scribe Peter Craig to belt out a draft, with Tony Scott likely to be involved again also.

Cruise is a busy man, and has Jack Reacher due out next after Rock of Ages, and is also confirmed for science fiction action flicks Oblivion and All You Need is Kill.