So we won't be getting much action out of Tom Cruise on his forthcoming press tour, it appears. No bouncing around chat show couches, no getting squirted with water on red carpets; how boring!

The Hollywood star has decided that in his attempt to combat the backlash he's endured following his tumultous divorce with Katie Holmes and his involvement with the Church of Scientology, he's going to 'lay low' for the Jack Reacher press tour which will happen before its release in December.

I suppose, if you'd had a year where your every move was watched, your divorce proceedings were splashed across every red top paper and there was constant speculation about the women you auditioned for the role of your wife, you'd probably want to disappear for a while too. Then again, Mr. Cruise isn't exactly your average Joe, or Tom.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the folk at Paramount Pictures (they're looking after Jack Reacher y'see) want Cruise to keep as low a profile as possible over the next few months given that the last thing the press are going to want to talk about will be the movie. No, they'll want to talk about Katie, the interviewed wives and what he thinks of Paul Thomas Anderson's scientology flick, The Master.

If you could ask Tom Cruise anything at all, what would it be?

Well you won't get to ask him any time soon I'm afraid; an official from Paramount says: "You're not going to see him everywhere."

Check out the Jack Reacher trailer here.