Tom Cruise is a busy man for someone whose career is apparently over. Not that I ever believed that, but if you listened to some corners of the press the quintessential movie star was (inexplicably) done a few months ago. Naturally, that isn't the case. 

Cruise is currently shooting musical Rock of Ages, has signed on for the blockbuster Oblivion and is now likely to join One Shot. According to Deadline, Oscar winning screenwriter of The Usual Suspects, Christopher McQuarrie will direct the film, which is a thriller based on the Lee Child book series about former military policeman-turned-drifter Jack Reacher.

As well as scripting the Bryan Singer directed Valkyrie which also starred Cruise, McQuarrie directed the criminally underrated The Way of the Gun. We'll next see Cruise starring opposite Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible 4 - due out around Christmas.