In what would really be a dream pairing, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. have both been offered roles in the comedy, El Presidente.

Vulture are saying that Meet the Parents director Jay Roach is attached to helm the tale of a secret service agent who is given the unwanted detail of guarding a former President of The United States. High-jinx ensue when the idiotic ex-prez has his life threatened. Cruise has been offered the agent role, with Downey Jr. up for the president part. Both men starred in the Ben Stiller directed Tropic Thunder, but didn't appear in any scenes together. Funding studio Warner Bros. are obviously very confident in the script if they're circling stars of this magnitude.

Downey Jr. is currently gearing up to shoot Iron Man 3, while Cruise is filming the action flick, One Shot and has a bunch of other films due to shoot - Rock of Ages is due next month.