Justin Timberlake has not had the best of times in the celluloid world, despite working with stellar cinematic names. Edison was muck, and his vehicle; The Love Guru tanked and Alpha Dog didn't exactly set the world alight. That said he's shown enough hints at thespian ability to warrant another shot at theatrical glory. Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld wants to crooner/crotch-thruster/entertainer to star in his next film Moist, based on the novel by Mark Haskell Smith. Sonnenfeld apparently sent Timberlake the script four years ago when everyone thought Edison would brake him and he agreed to star; but when it barely got a release, the financing fell through. According to MTV News the story centres on "a morgue attendant named Bob who comes across a severed arm with an erotic tattoo of a woman he falls for. In the course of trying to find out who she is, Bob ends up becoming Roberto, a kingpin of the Los Angeles Mexican mafia - ultimately replacing the man who the severed arm belonged to in the first place." It's been described as along the lines of Pineapple Express, or some other film that's also been successful that's recently been released.