Christopher Nolan's name has repeatedly been mentioned in connection with Bond since the rights to the franchise were put up for negotiation recently.

As we previously reported, there's a five-way battle going on between the major studios and Warner Bros. is going after Bond hard. Christopher Nolan is said to play a large part in their pitch to Danjaq and EON, the Bond rights holders, and we can't really think of a better director suited for the role.

Yesterday, the IMDb Pro page for Syncopy was updated to add Bond 25 as its production company, and was spotted by Phil Nobile at Birth.Movies.Death. For those that don't know, Syncopy is the production company belonging to Christopher Nolan and his longtime-producing partner / wife, Emma Thomas. Syncopy are under generally considered to be under Warner Bros.' umbrella, so it's likely that Syncopy and Warners are one and the same.

Moreover, Nolan has no film lined up post-Dunkirk and it's quite that there's a gap in his schedule to allow for production on Bond 25.

However, it's also worth pointing out that IMDb Pro is not any kind of legitimate source of news. In fact, projects can be added and named by just about anyone with an IMDb account, so it's entirely possible that this is some sort of a hoax. A very believable one, mind, but could possibly be a hoax.

File this one under rumour, basically.


Via Twitter / IMDb