Despite disappointing fans of the first installment - with its one dimensional bad guys, cringe-worthy ice cream eating scenes and Maggie Grace's general lack of acting ability - Taken 2 has still managed to win big at the box office. Coming in at number one (with a cumulative total that so far amounts to €894,890) Liam Neeson's latest offering is followed closely by the far superior, Looper. Arguably one of the finest and most original films of the year, the fact that Looper remains one of the most popular movies to check out in Ireland is no surprise. Check it out while you still can!

With Taken 2 taking us nowhere but the bank, let's take a look at the rest of this week's top 10.

3. Sinister - €95,954 - If creepy houses are your thing we say yes to Sinister. If seeing Ethan Hawke lower his standards, then we say avoid.

4. The Campaign - €316,791 - The latest installment from the school of Will Ferrell, if The Campaign is anything to go by, he's showing no signs of graduating to anything as good as Anchorman any time soon.

5. Paranorman - €489,126 - One for the kids, beautifully shot.

6. What Richard Did - €57,379 - A disappointing intake for the best Irish movie we've seen in yonks.

7. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - €72,547 - A cinematic pleasure to behold, its position on this list does not reflect the quality of the movie. Emma Watson is superb. 

8. Brave €1,772,426 - Still drawing the youngsters in their droves.

9. Hope Springs €446,522 - If you liked It's Complicated, you'll love this. 

10. Killing Them Softly €279,131 - Almost on its way out, catch it while you can. A testosterone packed gangster flick set against the political backdrop of OBama's first race to the White House. 

Fancy catching one of these flicks? Check out the Odeon Cinema at the Point Village; their seats are super comfy.