Who says there's no creativity left in Hollywood? 

Aspiring screenwriters are truly pulling out all the stops with their innovative ways to get themselves noticed in Hollywood. You may remember late last year we reported on the guy who took out a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter to advertise his script for Die Hard 6. Now there's a guy who wants to make Wayne's World 3. 

Trevor Schindeler has spent two decades trying to infiltrate his script for a Wayne's World threequel into 'Fortress Hollywood'. After writing the script in 1993, he registered his work with the Writer's Guild of America and has sent several letters to production companies since then. Unsurprisingly it hasn't generated much interest with producers (all of them have a policy not to read unsolicited material) and twenty three years later, his script remains unproduced. 

Rather than give up, Schindeler has set up a GoFundMe campaign where he's hoping to raise $2,500 to purchase some outdoor advertising in Los Angeles, California to attract the attention of Mike Myers. 

You can read the script here.