How could they?! How COULD THEY! How on Earth will the people of New York City ever cope without their friendly neighbourhood Spiderman (AKA Peter Parker)? Well maybe they'll get a certain Man of Steel or a few nifty Avengers to keep things ticking over. Still though, 700 comic book issues and five decades later, nobody wants to see oul Spidey die. Cheers, Dan Slott. (He's the one who penned it, btw.)

While fans of the Marvel comic book are crawling up the walls over this news (ah puns, glorious puns) - some have actually sent the writer Twitter death threats - it will make for a nice end to the rehashing of the story for the big screen, don'tcha think? As much as we love these characters, sometimes we just have to let go. Let's just all take a moment now to reflect on the passing of Harry Potter's Dumbledore. *moment*. Not over it yet? Me neither. Anyhoo, as the comic book hit stores yesterday, it seems that after one last duel with his former mentor, Doctor Otto Octavius, the arachnid Peter Parker shall finally meet his end.

After one epic mindf*ck, Doc Ock's brain now apparently inhabits Parker's body, and it will be up Spiderman's archnemisis to either take on his uncle's weighty adage - "With great power comes great responsibility" - or not. As per numerous outlets, this then brings us to the release of "The Superior Spider-Man" #1 on Jan. 9 which will kick off the new series in which the doctor has taken over from the former hero.

So whatcha reckon folks? Will Parker's demise make for an interesting movie? Are you ready for a darker, more nihilistic franchise in the form of The Superior Spider-Man?