It's one of the most bizarre chapters in modern filmmaking and, more than anything, shows just how far studios are willing to go to protect an intellectual property.

The story of the 1994 Fantastic Four movie - which was never released, despite many of the stars and crew thinking it would be - is one of the most fascinating stories in recent Hollywood history. The short version is there was a version of Fantastic Four made in 1994 that was never released in cinemas or anywhere because, well, it was terrible and the producers had to make in order to keep the rights to the film with their studio. 

We did a deep-dive on the story around this time last year and it now appears that a documentary will soon be released which will cover the weird story in full.

Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four features interviews with the man himself, Roger Corman, its director Oley Sassone (son of the legendary hair guru Vidal Sasoon) and its unlucky stars, as well as an examination of what precisely went down from the people who saw it happen.

The documentary will be available on VOD from October 11th and on DVD from December 20th. Here's the first trailer.