You didn’t ask for it and you damn well didn’t pay for it, but there’s going to be a remake/reboot, whatever you wanna call it, of the moderately successful Jean Claude Van Damme 90's action flick, Timecop.

Funding studio Universal Pictures have hired the writers of kiddie sequel 'Journey 2' to pen the script that will have elements of science fiction, but apparently be far more of a gritty cop film than the original, which was set in a 'futuristic' 2004.  


There was a short-lived TV series with a similar plot, a line of novels and a direct-to-DVD sequel over a decade ago - but not much since.

Universal are revisiting older properties like Jurassic Park and The Mummy at the moment, so maybe they’re banking on the nostalgia factor with audiences. We doubt that Van Damme will be back, but ya never know the craic with the odd cameo. 

Via Screenrant