Wouldn't it be mental if, like, the apocalypse happened and the people who survived hundreds of years later found this theme park and thought it was real?!

Sorry, we went off on one there.

Yes, a Hunger Games-themed theme park is about to open in Dubai. The deal, by studio Lionsgate, will see a number of attractions and rides for The Hunger Games open at Motiongate in Dubai.

We can see it now. Come see what a totalitarian, futuristic dictatorship looks like, and look - a movie theme park about a girl who can fire arrows!

The irony. It burns.

The theme park is expected to open in November 2016, almost a year to the day of the release of Mockingjay, Pt. II.

There's also a live show in the works for Wembley, which we sincerely hope will feature some of the fantastic soundtrack and a real cannon.


Via Variety.com